Band Grateful Dead
Venue Straight Theater
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 9/30/67 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Comments Other artist(s): Sons of Champlin. Billed as "Their first SF Dance in 6 months" on one poster and as "Straight theater Dance Class" on another. Grateful Dead Family Album: "Denied a dance permit, the Straight theater gigs were billed as 'dance classes' - admission was by registeration fee of $2.50." to see the concert art: < > to see the concert art by C. Braga: < > Adrian M. Johnson: the red and gold poster (which says "Their first SF Dance in 6 months") is the poster, by C. Braga. The black and white "big-mouth" artwork is in fact a handbill (artist unknown). The man and banner was used in a slightly different form on the cover of a CD bootleg. David Sorochty: I believe that this poster may go back to the 1800's. When I was in a fraternity years ago, we used to use this same image to make up flyers for parties we were having!
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Contributors Adrian M. Johnson , "The Art Of Rock" book p.201 (2 different posters), Teddy GoodBear , David Sorochty , Grateful Dead Family Album p.47; by Jerilyn Lee Brandelius -- Warner Books
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