Band Grateful Dead
Venue Springer's Inn
Location Portland, OR
Date 5/30/69 - Friday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [1:23:25] ; Morning Dew ; Me & My Uncle ; Doin' That Rag ; I'm A King Bee ; Dark Star [17:02] > Cosmic Charlie [6:#16] ; Saint Stephen > The Eleven [12:33] > Turn On Your Love Light [17:33#]
Comments The circulating version has a cut in Cosmic Charlie. It's not clear whether they actually played St. Stephen; Jerry is teasing its opening notes when the tape breaks off after Cosmic Charlie. It resumes with the rimshot before the first vocals of The Eleven. Eaton's list reads:

05/30/69 Springers Inn, Portland Or - complete
4.3, 094min, Sbd, A1D0, Cass M->Reel 1->Dat 0, 48k,
Ampex C-90 Master Cass/no dolby->Technics Reel 1st Gen->3800 x 0
Recordings 84 SB - (94 SB vault according to Eaton list)
Master recording source(s): Ampex C-90 Master Cass/no dolby
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Contributors Jim Powell Rob Eaton
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