Band Grateful Dead
Venue Shrine Exhibition Hall
Location Los Angeles, CA
Date 8/24/68 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Good Morning Little Schoolgirl [15:23] ; [0:22] ; Dark Star [11:20] > Saint Stephen [4:40] > The Eleven [14:27] > Death Don't Have No Mercy [8:04] ; [0:19] % [0:03] ; Cryptical Envelopment [1:50] > Drums [0:12] > The Other One [5:00] > Cryptical Envelopment [8:36] > New Potato Caboose [14:16] > Turn On Your Love Light [16:20] ; [1:13]
Encore Morning Dew [6:52] ; [0:21]
Comments This show was officially released as two From the Vault. An announcer introduces the band before Schoolgirl: "All right! It's time to either stand up, sit down, or shake your leg, or go for yourself - 'cause the Grateful Dead are here!". After Schoolgirl, Bobby says "Lady's choice - this number is a lady's choice". After "one man gathers what another man spills" in Saint Stephen, Bobby says "I want you to know that's how it is". The Eleven timing does not include the "William tell" verse, since that is how the track IDs are set up on the official release CDs. After Lovelight: "thank you, thank you, we got it, hold it, we got it, just do it, ok". The plug was pulled on the PA at 6:46 in Morning Dew and just the drums continue for another few seconds. After Morning Dew, Jerry says "got turned off - once again! Good night everybody". Then the announcer says "The law says that's all, so I guess that's it. Thank you once again"
Recordings 110 SB (54:47, 54:20 Two From the Vault CDs)
Master recording source(s): 10inch 8trk Master Reels@15ips
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Contributors David Sorochty , Dwight Holmes , Brian Pollard
Caretaker David Sorochty email update